Fresh Start Fever: Brand North Celebrates Duality Brew Co.’s Launch at The Old Shoe!

April 30, 2024

Sheffield’s craft beer scene witnessed a dynamic collaboration this month, and our client Duality Brew Co. was right at the heart of it! We’re thrilled to celebrate the launch of Fresh Start Fever, a brand new West Coast IPA from Duality Brew Co., a client we’ve proudly supported in their brand development journey.

This exciting beer, unveiled at Orchard Square’s “The Old Shoe”, is the product of a unique partnership between Duality and the established Elusive Brewing from Reading.

Working closely with the brewery, Brand North helped them define their brand identity – one that embraces bold experimentation while respecting classic brewing traditions. This philosophy is evident in Fresh Start Fever, where Elusive’s expertise in West Coast IPAs meets Duality’s adventurous approach to modern hops. The result is a flavour explosion – a delightful mix of nostalgic and contemporary hop varieties, offering a taste of the past with a modern twist.

The launch event at The Old Shoe was a superb event. The pub buzzed with craft beer enthusiasts, all eager to sample Fresh Start Fever and celebrate Duality Brew Co.’s exciting new chapter. Brand North was delighted to see the vision we helped shape come to life in such a vibrant setting.

Cheers to Fresh Start Fever and the continued success of Duality Brew Co.!